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85kWh Tesla Model S Battery Pack

Each battery pack is made of 16 x 5.3kWh modules
Sold disassembled with capacity report

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85kWh Tesla Model S Battery Pack

Capacity: 232Ah, 5.3kWh
Height: 3.1 Inches (8 cm)
Width: 11.9 Inches (31.5 cm)
Length: 26.2 Inches (69cm)
Weight: 55 Pounds (26kg)
Bolt Size: M8
Voltage nominal: 3.8V/Cell, 22.8V/Module
Charge voltage cut-off: 4.2V/Cell, 25.2V/Module
Discharging cut-off: 3.3V/Cell, 19.8/Module
Maximum Discharging Current (10 sec.):750 Amps

About shipping:
Pack disassembled on one Europallet : 120x80x80cm, 430kg
Sold with fuse, wiring, power relais and cooling pipes

Note: Please be aware that the price is only available in EU. For Non EU countries please contact us via e-mail, as the shipping will be quoted independently. If you order via website, the order will not be processed.

10 Items


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