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Reference: Gigavac GV200FC


Gigavac GV200FC Contactor - 48V With Economizer

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Internal coil economizer circuits can interfere with controllers that directly control the contactor such as Sevcon. Features: - 48V Coil - up to 800VDC switching - 400A continous + Switching capacity- With economizer circuit - Ideally suited to Sevcon Size 4 and larger controllers - Stainless steel terminals

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Reference: AEM-TESLA

AEM Tesla Model S/X Motor Controller Logic Board for Use with VCU200

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AEM EV is releasing a comprehensive controls system for EV conversions using a Tesla Base Large Drive Unit (LDU) that significantly increases horsepower over the factory output. The Inverter Control Board (PN 30-8402) in AEM EV’s system was co-developed with Cascadia Motion, an industry leader in EV propulsion systems, to ensure the highest standards of...

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