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Gigavac BD9513 Manual Battery Switch

Gigavac BD9513

Gigavac BD9513 Manual Battery Switch

GIGAVAC manual battery disconnect switches provide a level of sealed switching technology to meet any application requirement.

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Gigavac BD9513 Manual Battery Switch

All GIGAVAC manual disconnect switches incorporate important key features such as lock-out/tag-out to meet OSHA requirements, composite housings, and stainless steel hardware.

The BD is built to exceed industry sealing standards IP67 and IEC529 making it the perfect choice for isolating system batteries during maintenance and other downtime situations.

The revolutionary HBD series of hermetically sealed switches go a step further. Using patent pending technology the HBD series is the first truly hermetic high power manual disconnect switch. Since the HBD can be mounted in virtually any environment it can be placed near vehicle batteries. This helps eliminate extra cable length required to place traditional switches inside the vehicle interior.

HBD41AA has a rating of 1000V @ 400A continuous. Can withstand currents as high as 2000A for 1 minute. It is intended to be used as an occasional maintenance switch. Daily and emergency switching should be performed by contactors.

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Gigavac BD9513
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